Evermore Park: 10 Things To Do on Your First Visit

Kaida the Dragon Trainer holds Aelin, her dragon.

Evermore Park is an endless adventure but it can easily overwhelm new World Walkers. If you’ve been wanting to visit the park but you’re not sure where to start, we’ve organized our 10+ favorite first-time activities in this list!

Pro tip: If you enter the portal and turn left, you’ll find that these activities are sequential with your route around the park.

1. Pick up the starter quest in the gift shop.

It’s never easy to walk into a strange new place and start up a conversation. At least, it’s never easy for me. I was so thrilled when Evermore Park introduced quest cards. You can pick the starter quest up for free in the gift shop, but expansion packs will cost a small amount ($2).

2. Watch a play by the Acting Troupe.

The Acting Troupe, located near the entrance of the park, is a great first stop for new World Walkers. The Troupe provides an entertaining recap of the story lines from previous seasons. These plays are put on throughout the evening and are very enjoyable. They are also fairly short, so it doesn’t take a lot of time.

3. Visit Little Red’s hill.

Aros, the beast master, can usually be found on Little Red’s hill near the front of the park. He usually has an animal friend, such as Little Red the miniature horse or Jellybean the pig.

4. Attend a bird and reptile show.

Evermore has a fantastic aviary with birds and reptiles from around the world. They showcase these amazing creatures every hour, on the hour, in the aviary. Each show is a little different, so you can attend again and again without getting bored!

Squiggles licked my son… and my son loved every moment! lol

5. Play a game of chance at the tavern.

You can usually find someone around the bar who is willing to indulge in a little game of chance – and you might just earn some gold if you win! My son is seriously addicted to gambling in the tavern. He was devastated when Sephtis was arrested because he feared it was the end of his gold-gaining games.

Not up for games of chance? No problem! Play a round of chess with a friend. The winner can retrieve one gold piece from the tavern owner, Suds!

There’s a reason my oldest likes to hang out in the tavern… 🤷

6. Tell an ogre a joke.

Chuckles and Giggles, the ogres, love a good joke. They’ll even pay you one gold if you tell them an original joke!


7. Prove your bravery by exploring the catacombs.

The area under the mausoleum is always creepy. Prove your bravery by wandering through the dark passageways!

8. Sing with the Dwarves in the Burrows.

The dwarf brothers Lani and Terno are excellent musicians. They’re also familiar with many Earth songs, although you may find that some of them have a twist. While you’re there, be sure to look around and admire the hobbit-style home they live in!

9. Meet a dragon.

The dragon trainers can be found in the back of the park, in the ruin near the burrows and the archery range. You can usually find Aelin or Ildrax, the dragons, there as well. If you ask the trainers, they’ll show you how to approach and pet their dragons!

Edit: The dragons have been barricaded in Drakenhaven during Lore 2019, so this may not be an option for a while. Sorry, guys! 

10. Test your skills at the archery and axe ranges.

Visit the archery and axe-throwing ranges to test your skills. If you prove yourself worthy, you may even be able to join the elven rangers! If you don’t, well, try again. It’s a free activity within the park.

11. Try the churros and the Butter Brew.

Seriously! The concessions at Evermore Park are delicious and reasonably priced. Evermore currently has four concessions stands open throughout the park. The Butter Brew has been my absolute favorite, and a must-have every time I attend the park. I foolishly waited to try the churros until the closing night of last season and I still regret that. They are delicious!

Butter Brew
This magical golden elixir is one of the best things in the park.

Actually, everything is delicious. Just try everything. lol

What would you add to this list?

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