Town Council Meeting: “Evermore is in a State of Emergency”

At a town council meeting dated Friday, December 29th, Mayor Violet Atkinson declared that the town of Evermore is in a state of emergency. There were several reasons for this.

“Outside the the walls of Evermore, most things have been destroyed,” explained Mayor Violet. She explained that most people had lost their lives. Many were left homeless. The farms had not been harvested, so the crops had all wasted. Many are starving and hungry because of the ongoing food shortage.

“There are many businesses that have been left by their owners,” she continued. In order to resolve this, some of the property within Evermore has now been listed for sale.

When a World Walker inquired about Gudrun’s ability to use the Grey funds to help Evermore, it was announced that Gudrun’s right of inheritance was being argued in the courts. She does not have access to the Grey wealth at this time. Later in the evening, it was discovered that other Grey relatives had also arrived in the town.

Sykes went on to announce a few changes to the structure of Evermore in order to facilitate the changes necessary to save the town.

The first change is that every guild leader in Evermore is an official member of the town council.

The second change is a guild registration. You can still become an initiate in any and every guild, but to rank above an initiate you must register with Sykes to become an official member of that guild. You can only advance above initiate in one guild.

The third change is the announcement of the Crown Bank of Evermore. Opening an account requires a minimum deposit of 25 gold pieces. For now, the features only include deposit and withdrawal. There may be options for interest in the future but not at this time.

Uriah Dickens, a new Evermorian, offered his services as barrister and solicitor to help Evermore sell the vacant properties in accordance with the law. Later in the day, sale signs appeared on the various buildings throughout the town.

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