Miss Violet is Mayor – and the One True Government Issues a Warning

Violet Atkinson

The season-long mayoral race has come to an end and the winner has been announced. It’s official: Miss Violet Atkinson is the mayor of Evermore!

The race began with nominees and has slowly been narrowed down.

Originally, World Walkers were encouraged to nominate mayoral candidates. In order to nominate someone for mayor, you had to follow three steps.

First, you had to receive a Protector card by learning tips from Tip Top, a Sailor or the Constable. Second, you had to earn a Problem Solver card by answering a question from a native citizen of Evermore. Third, you had to receive a Friend card by proving your friendship to a Mythosian.

The Top 10 nominees were announced and the race began.

The initial 10 nominees were announced on Facebook on July 3. The nominees included:

  1. Suds (the tavern keeper)
  2. Tip Top (the automaton)
  3. Maxwell Morgan (the leader of the acting troupe)
  4. Rooster (the travelling merchant)
  5. Giggles (the ogre)
  6. Sephtis (the executioner)
  7. Pebbles and her Best Best Friend (the troll sisters)
  8. Ser Kilyrie (the female knight)
  9. Benjamin Scruff (the merchant’s assistant)
  10. Violet Atkinson (citizen of Evermore)

World Walkers were invited to vote on the mayor by completing a scavenger hunt and other tasks. The scavenger hunt included many tasks, including learning the histories of two Evermorians and identifying who Louden was.

The nominees were slowly whittled down until only four remained. The final votes were cast between Suds, Tip Top, Ser Kilyrie and Violet.

Violet was elected mayor and immediately received a letter from the One True Government.

We all gathered on the stage during the final night of Mythos to hear the final decision. The town is thrilled to have a new mayor!

Unfortunately, a letter from the One True Government of Evermore arrived immediately after the announcement. Phillip Humphrey delivered it to the stage.

The letter read:

The Newly Elected
Mayor of Evermore
Citizen of Evermore


Congratulations on your appointment to the important office of Mayor of Evermore. We will be watching your tenure as Mayor with great interest. 

Be careful that you do not overstep your bounds. 

The One True Government of Evermore

As you can see in the video, Violet read it and then tore it in half immediately.

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