Violet’s Barn Fire

About two months ago, there was a fire at Violet Atkinson’s barn. There were many suspicious elements to this fire and we’re still not sure who was behind it.

Violet has many animals, including chickens, four goats, a cow and a horse. She never looked in her barn much, as she preferred to let her animals roam freely around her property. She told me that Argramir spent more time in there than she did.

She claims that she knew that hay was being stored in there and that’s all she could see from the entrance. However, Dervel reported seeing someone pulling a trunk out of the barn shortly before the fire.

It was later discovered that Maxwell removed the trunk, under someone else’s orders, and that he was ordered not to look at anything else in the barn. He told me that everything was in crates or boxes and he didn’t peek. The inspector found a golden cup in the remains, and it is assumed that her barn was used for smuggling without her knowledge.

During the fire, the flames were blue and green. There were claw marks on the door that could not have been caused by Violet’s animals.

Violet’s animals survived and are roaming freely on her property. However, she did mention that her horse and two goats are currently missing.

It appears that mind control potion may be involved.

It appears that Gudrun may have been responsible for the barn fire but she was under the influence of a mind control potion at the time… so the question remains: Who was REALLY behind the barn fire?

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