Ghosts and Old Friends Return to Evermore (Weekend in Review 10/10-10/14)

This weekend brought grief, ghosts, and old friends back to Evermore. Here’s what happened at Evermore Park between October 10, 2019 and October 14, 2019.


Pick up a copy of the Evermore Gazette!

On Thursday, fans waiting in line received a copy of the latest edition of the Evermore Gazette. These newspapers are released weekly and include recaps of the previous weekend, as well as some insight into what the new weekend will bring. It also includes a “help wanted” section that can get you started on some quests.

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Benjamin’s funeral procession looped around the town.

In memory of Benjamin, a funeral procession marched around the town. It was led by Piper, who played the bagpipes.

Captain Duphrane and Jasper discuss their relationships with Kyrah.

Kyrah has been spending a lot of time with both of them, so this conversation was bound to happen eventually. The Captain didn’t want to step on Jasper’s toes, so he requested a conversation.


Balthazar and Hal begin experimenting on darkbloods.

Balthazar and Hal agree that a cure needs to be found. They are working together, using chemical and plant-based components, to find some sort of treatment. Cure or kill, as Hal explains. They have started luring darkbloods into the cage near the range for nightly experiments.

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Lilly returns as a ghost during her funeral procession.

The funeral procession for Lilly had an unexpected twist. Lilly was there, as a ghost! Only World Walkers and Rooster could see her. Lilly cannot speak but she has found other ways to communicate with those who can see her.


The barrier falls and many people outside Evermore die.

Mortimer strikes his bell three times for each life lost… and his bell rang constantly on Friday evening.

Zhodi is weakened by an outside force.

Early in the evening, Zhodi claimed that something was draining his energy. When people would try to help strengthen him, the energy would be siphoned away by something else instead of the magical barrier.

He was wearing a protective spell that Wisteria had woven over him. It was on his left hand, which he clawed at continuously. However, since it was supposed to be a spell of protection, he did not remove it.

By the end of the evening, Zhodi was mumbling about witches and skeletons who had promised protection. He insisted the protection wasn’t working.


Wen Weaver returned to Evermore and was almost burned at the stake.

The elven rangers found Wen Weaver outside of town. Both the rangers and Wen Weaver claim that the other party attacked first. Regardless, Wen ended up caged near the range.

The rangers decided that she was responsible for Naemur’s death. This determination was apparently based upon the fact that Wen can throw fire and Naemur’s remains were charred.

Before Wen was burned, Jasper and Sir Arawn came to her rescue.

See it for yourself here:

Zhodi is rescued by World Walkers.

The protective spell that Wisteria had woven for Zhodi turned from brown to purple. Zhodi did not remember anyone on Saturday, even his closest friends. He could only remember Kyrah.

Some World Walkers deduced that the protective spell Wisteria had woven was depleting Zhodi’s energy. They convinced Kyrah to approach Zhodi so they could remove it.

Zhodi recovered almost immediately.

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Mortimer confronts the darkness.

Mortimer approached the Fae King… and instead he spoke to The Darkness itself! As you’ll see in the video below, Mortimer and the Darkness aren’t exactly friendly.


Ben’s ghost returns – and Ophelia can see him!

The ghost of Benjamin Scuff has returned. He can speak, but only World Walkers and Ophelia can see him. Even Lilly, who is also a ghost, cannot see or hear him.

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Jasper claims he never loved Kyrah.

Kyrah was excited when Jasper asked her to meet him at the stairs on Monday evening. I’d heard a rumor that they were to become engaged… but instead, Jasper announced that he did not love Kyrah and never had. She was devastated.

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Mortimer speaks to Kyrah.

Mortimer says that Kyrah, “in her… stupidity,” has blocked herself off from who she really is. Mortimer says that he doesn’t know who she really is but that he knows who does. The spirits, apparently, know about Kyrah.

You can watch the video in the Evermore Theories and Spoilers group here.  

Faldo claims that someone has interfered with fate.

He knows that someone has interfered with fate because he suddenly remembers his sister, Falda. He has not seen her in millions of years and was not meant to remember her… but now he does. He said that he’ll be away for a few days because he has some catching up to do.

The Darkness speaks again.

The Darkness took over the body of the Fae King again. She spoke to World Walkers, speaking calmly and persuasively to rally people to her cause.

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