Evermore Park Weekend in Review (10/3 – 10/7)

There’s never a dull moment in Evermore! Now that the park is open on Thursdays, our weekend in review will span Thursdays through Mondays.


Pick up a copy of the Evermore Gazette!

On Thursday, fans waiting in line were surprised with a copy of the Evermore Gazette. This newspaper includes an overview of recent town events, an obituary for Naemur, a wedding announcement for Ben and Ophelia, and more. It even includes a “Help Wanted” section and a comic!

Evermore Gazette front page

Roe is new in town.

There was another newcomer in town on Thursday evening. Her name is Roe and she is very unfamiliar with our world. She did not understand the concepts of friendship or gold or humor or much of anything. She was easily scared and frequently ran away from people.

When I asked her where she came from, she indicated that she “came through the thing.” I took that to mean a portal, so I asked her what her world was like. She confirmed her world had a sort of magic. She gestured toward the quarantine area on the hill and said that her world is “like that.” I assume this means she is from Lore.

When one of the undead warriors on the hill threatened us, she leapt up on the wall and growled at it. She seems to be used to fending off the darkbloods.

The number of dark bloods has roughly doubled.

Infected people could be seen running around the mausoleum on Thursday evening, crying for help. Hal informed Ser Kilyrie that he estimates the number of infected creatures has doubled.


Lilly Dunghill is new in town.

Dervel’s sister, Lilly, is visiting her brother. She’s been pinching pennies to save up for the trip, but she’s glad to be in town.

Ophelia received a reading from Kyra.

It went so badly that Ophelia asked to start over… and the next one wasn’t any better.

Benjamin’s bachelor party went all night.

The party officially began at 7:30 pm in the tavern… and it continued all night! The entire town celebrated Ben and Ophelia’s upcoming wedding. The drunken celebration ranged from the tavern to the Burrows and back.


Benjamin received a reading from Kyra.

Kyra very clearly saw some very bad things in Benjamin’s future.

Benjamin collapsed during the evening shanties.

At the very end of the night, Benjamin collapsed during the shanties. Mortimer stepped forward and rang his bell three times. As the World Walkers left, a few Evermorians were telling World Walkers that Benjamin wasn’t doing well but that he was alive… for now.


Oryn mixed up Rooster’s order for swans.

Rooster just wanted to make sure his best friend had the perfect wedding. However, Rooster delivered three swords instead of three swans…

Benjamin Scuff is declared dead.

After an investigation by Inspector Ozymandias Flynn, it was officially declared that Benjamin Scuff was dead. The autopsy later confirmed that he had been poisoned.

Ophelia and Rooster were absolutely devastated and the entire town was in mourning.

A vigil was held for Benjamin.

The town held a vigil for Benjamin in the town center.

[ video will be available shortly ]

After the vigil, Inspector Ozymandias Flynn had some questions for Rooster.

Lilly Dunghill is found dead.

At the end of the night, newcomer Lilly Dunghill was found dead behind the Confectionary. The cause of death appeared to be strangulation. She was Dervel’s sister and Piper’s niece.

[ video will be available shortly ]

Hal was attacked.

A darkblood creature attacked Hal. He was injured and was seen limping. Although the darkblood managed to remove Hal’s glove, it did not appear that Hal had been touched.

Rooster pledged to the Knights.

The three swords that Oryn ordered were put to good use when Rooster pledged to the Knights.


Zhodi collapsed with the magical barrier fell.

When the magical barrier collapsed, so did Zhodi. Some World Walkers feared he was dead but he seemed to recover.

Ozymandias holds a meeting with the knights.

The Inspector held a meeting with the knights to discuss the death of Benjamin. He asked them to help investigate the matter.

[ video will be available shortly ]

Dark bloods escape into the forest.

According to @tariel, “At least three if not more Darkbloods escaped into the forest to bring more Darkbloods to Evermore. Mortimer did not say a specific number of how many he just said “many” and he said they were coming soon but it might take some time.!”

World Walkers help Zhodi repair the magical barrier.

Zhodi recovered enough to lead a meditation in town square. World Walkers participated and helped him restore the magical barrier. However, he cautioned us that the barrier would probably only hold for four days at most.

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