11 Things You Missed at Evermore Park this Weekend (9/13-9/16)

As all World Walkers know, Evermore Park is a busy place. Even if you attend every day, you will still inevitably miss things. That’s why we would like to introduce a new series: The Weekend in Review!

The Weekend in Review: September 13-16, 2019

We don’t want to spoil the mystery or the experience for anyone, so we will be very vague about some of these updates. If you have more specific questions, you are welcome to ask in the comments… or better yet, go to the park and investigate for yourself!

(If you do, be sure to pop over to the forums and let us know what you’ve learned!)

Kyra is struggling to connect to her magic.

As we learned from Caderyn at the close of Mythos, Kyra is a very powerful magical being. Her four sisters helped close the portals a thousand years ago. However, the backlash from that spell completely erased her memory. When Caderyn told her she was the princess of the fairies, she did not question it… but when he confessed that this was a lie, she was left with a major identity crisis.

Of course, the Professor and others around Evermore have tried to help her reconnect to her magic… but to no avail.

This weekend, Wisteria took up the cause by sending World Walkers to deliver beans to Kyra. These beans were supposed to help her reconnect her head and heart, so that she could access her magic again. The beans did not seem to help, and Wisteria thinks it’s because Kyra’s heart is too broken to hear the magic.

Kyra also sought a palm reading from Cleo. Cleo realized that the identity crisis that Kyra is facing has completely affected everything in her life. Kyra was cautioned that she must believe in herself if she wants to be able to help against the darkness.

Palm readings predict that something is coming.

Something is coming. As the Evermore Adventuress noted, “Miri, Sykes and Cleo have all seen it in their readings.”

On Saturday, Cleo provided Rooster with a reading. She initially did not want to tell him what she saw, but he insisted. When she revealed that tragedy lies in his future, he became convinced that he was going to die. You can see a video of this here. Later in the evening, some World Walkers convinced Ben to stage Greasy’s death and healing as the “tragedy” so Rooster would relax. Rooster wasn’t convinced.

Ben and Ophelia host a Dance Extravaganza.

In an effort to bring a little merriment to the town, Ben and Ophelia decided to host a social dance. The Acting Troupe helped teach World Walkers how to do the dance and instructed them to spread the word. You can read more and see a video here. 


The assault on the barrier continues.

There have been more and more breaches in the barrier. The waterways are a particular weakness because the town needs a water supply, but the waterway can carry darkness in town. The infected river monster near the bridge is one evidence of this.

The guilds have been working on a solution for the waterways but it takes time… and time is a luxury that Evermore may not have.

Jasper found a dagger that may be connected to the river monster.

On Saturday, Jasper was investigating the waterway when he felt a strange prickling on his neck. He dove into the water and uncovered a strange, gnarled dagger. He took it to the inspector and together they investigated. It appears that the dagger is a match for the weapon used to cut the fish monster open. They also uncovered evidence that the monster was dragged over the rocks into that exact spot.

Miri has told us previously that something has been removed from the beast. It appeared to be part of the intestine, which may be used for readings and other magical purposes.

The dragon trainers need uninfected rats.

The dragons are hungry and the dragon trainers are concerned. They can’t risk feeding the dragons infected rats, so they need a secure, plague-free source of food for their dragons.

There is a rumor that the dragons may have already contracted the disease.

Piper believes she’s cursed – and maybe Evermore is, too!

Piper believes that she is the victim of a curse that will prevent her from ever getting married. She also suspects that Evermore may be under a similar curse, since nobody is married and bad things happen to those who become engaged.

Naturally, she deduced that the best way to break the curse on Evermore is to break the curse on herself first… so she spent a lot of time chasing eligible bachelors this weekend.

She gifted Sir Arawn a book about King Arthur. He seemed to receive it well.

She also took Droch on a “date” in the catacombs. The date with Droch did not end well! He left her in the catacombs but Jasper rescued her when she screamed.

Ophelia makes a point with kleptomania as performance art.

Ophelia started a number people on Monday as she roamed throughout town, stealing items from unsuspecting Evermorians. She snatched Ina’s notebook about dragons, Miri’s cards, Skykes’ hat and more.

The point? People are too trusting and the darkness can steal things from you when you least expect it.

Well, allegedly that was the point. She’s been in a Diva Recovery Program, so I think she just missed the attention!

Ben and Rooster bought their shop back!

It’s no secret that Rooster is one of my favorites, right? Well, it turns out that our GoldFundMe was a complete success! Ben and Rooster were able to get a cabin in the woods, so they aren’t homeless anymore… and they were able to buy their shop back! They’re back in business!

Zhodi is pursuing citizenship in Evermore.

Although he only recently arrived, Zhodi wants to become a full citizen of Evermore. In order to do that, though, he needs to have somewhere to live. Thankfully, Ben and Rooster have invited Zhodi to share their new cabin.

Ser Kilyrie feels she’s failed Caderyn.

Although she knows the darkness is more than one woman can fight on her own, Ser Kilyrie feels that she has failed Caderyn. As the darkness creeps in, her sense of failure escalates.

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