5 Things Every World Walker Needs to Bring

Evermore messenger bag

If you’re considering a trip to Evermore Park (and you should), there are five things you need to bring with you. Of course, you can visit without these things… but bringing them along will help you make the most of your adventure!

You will need a sturdy satchel.

All adventurers need a good, lightweight bag that will withstand a lot of wear. It will help you transport the other things on this list and it will help you maintain all of the treasures that you acquire around the park.

If you plan to become a regular World Walker, it helps to have a designated “Evermore bag.” I have a designated bag that holds all of our Evermore treasures. Since I bring my five kids to the park regularly, we have five bags of gold, a full set of quest cards, our guild cards, our acting troupe cards, random trinkets for trading and more. A sturdy, well-organized bag is a lifesaver!

I bought my bag in the park for around $40.

You will need comfortable shoes.

On an average night in Evermore, I walk between five and six miles. The park may seem somewhat small, but there’s a lot of walking between characters. Comfortable shoes are an absolute must!

You will need a water bottle.

Although the park is still under construction, there are currently only two water fountains in the park. Both are relatively close to the Town Square. You will want water as you’re walking around and cups are so awkward.

My bag comfortably holds 2-3 plastic water bottles or one large HydroFlask. We refill our containers every time we pass through the town square. The water from the fountains is not cold, so sometimes we ask for ice from the concessions.

You will need a way to take notes.

There are more than 50 people residing in Evermore. You will need some way of tracking notes so that you can keep track of your quests and the information you’ve discovered. I prefer to take notes with my phone in Google Docs, but many others prefer to have a small notebook.

Even though I take notes digitally, I still bring a pen with me to each visit. My wonderful friend Jorel gifted me a pen that has an LED tip, so that I can even write in the dark. This has proven useful on multiple occasions.

You will want mosquito repellent.

During Mythos 2019, the mosquitoes were unbearable. They were everywhere! We all had many, many bites at the end of each night. Fortunately, the solution is simple! We bought a travel-size container of mosquito repellent and keep it in our bag at all times. In the spirit of all things Evermore, we call it vampire repellent.

If you’re planning your first trip to Evermore, check out the rest of our World Walker 101 series!

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  1. Thanks for the info! I didn’t know if you could bring water into the park. Good to know!

  2. For Lore, as the season goes on… you may want to bring hand-warmers as once the sun goes down and the Darkness comes creeping out of the stone and wood work… your digits are the first things to get frosty.