Zhodi Loses His Memories, Kyrah Collects Weapons & More: Evermore Evening in Review (12/14)

Saturday was a whirlwind day at Evermore. The pie-induced euphoria continued throughout the town… but the Wolves began actively pursuing some sort of cure or antidote to counteract the effects of the pie. Unfortunately, some of their efforts had some very unintended consequences.

The One Voice Children’s Choir continued their performance.

The One Voice Children’s Choir continued their performance in Vander’s Keep. We have several videos that will be uploaded to this playlist on our YouTube channel. 

The Wolves approached Zhodi for assistance early in the evening.

Zhodi was residing in the catacombs at the time, so the video doesn’t give you much to look at… but you can hear the conversation between Ulfenia and Zhodi in this clip.

Kyrah continued collecting weapons from pie-eyed people around town.

Whenever Kyrah asked for their weapons, they willingly handed them over. Donovan informed me that the Blackhearts had surrendered all of their weapons. Kilyrie had given up many of hers, but the spear had been returned to her. Kyrah said all she had to do was ask, and people handed their weapons right over!

Those who have eaten the pie continued to show worrying symptoms.

In addition to the excessive joy and giddiness, those who have eaten pie also began to move in mechanical ways. Kilyrie snaps her legs together and walks in a jerky, mechanical “toy soldier” fashion. Wen moved in a jerky, robotic way when she was standing by the fire in the ruins. These symptoms are manifesting all over town.

The Elves held a Santa Lucia procession and announced a dance next weekend.

The Elves of Light gathered everyone in town square for a special procession. They sang a song about Santa Lucia and passed out pies. The Elves also invited the entire town to a special dance next Friday evening.

Belladonna and Donovan were rescued from the pie stupor by the Wolves.

The Wolves of Winter used bad memories to pull Belladonna and Donovan, two members of the Coven, from their pie-induced stupor. They were able to communicate freely about the Elves and we learned quite a bit from this interrogation.

Zhodi lost his memories after using dark magic to enchant sugar for Arawn.

Sir Arawn demanded that Zhodi use dark magic to enchant some sugar. It was hoped that some magical-infused sweets could counteract the effects of the pie. Zhodi cautioned that dark magic has a cost but Arawn insisted he did not care. As soon as Zhodi arose after performing the spell, he did not remember his friends, his time in the monastery or his brother Zachary. He demanded pie from the Elves of Light and appears to be only interested in gaining power through magic. He is not the same Zhodi we have known.

The Wolves also interrogated Kyrah later in the evening.

Kyrah was also brought in to the Mausoleum by the Wolves of Winter. She was questioned at length about the elves, the pies and everything else.

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